Starting A Painting Business With No Experience

The house painting industry generates over $38 billion every. Google Trends notes that the term “painters near me” is searched for more than 40,500 times every month. What does this mean? There is a huge market for the painting business that can make you a lot of profit.

Are you considering starting a painting business but you have little or no experience? Here are some tips that will walk you through the journey of a professional painter.

How to start a painting business

The first thing is to do is to recollect your skills and sharpen them by doing a painting course or taking a short internship where you will practice the painting skills.

Whether you want to begin oil painting, watercolor, pastel painting, mural, or acrylic painting, this guide will help you through the business.

Have a strategy

Create your own strategy and focus on the type of painting you know best. After forming a clear strategy on what you need and how you will do the business, it is time to take the next step.

Buy the required equipment

Any professional painter should be equipped with the latest painting tools. You should consider purchasing these tools for your painting business without compromising on the qualities. In addition, trying to incorporate the latest painting mechanisms such as computer software will be beneficial for your business.

Business Registration

Register your business with a brand name that you will push out there and online. Registering the business will help you focus on building your brand even as the name grows in the future.

Hire professionals

As your business expands, invite more professional painters on board and use their skills to sell your brand. Do not hesitate to risk hiring such professionals as experimenting with them will help you know what works and what does not work for your business.

Set up your market

This could be hard but with enough effort and perseverance, you will be able to create a network of customers. Marketing techniques will be crucial in setting up your market. For even better results, you can hire a marketing expert that will help you reach a larger audience in your location and even globally.

Meet your global audience

You can use two techniques to reach your global audience:

Traditional marketing techniques: Organize exhibitions in partnership with exhibition organizers to allow you to showcase your skills and products in their art galleries.

E-commerce websites: E-commerce websites such as Etsy, Visual, and ArtPal are great platforms to upload your final works to the world and get access to buyers across the world.

You can register as many painting e-commerce websites to sell your products.

It is one of the most preferred ways to sell in the modern world as the market is already established and you do not spend much time seeking for customers to buy your work.

Social Media Presence

People on social media are always searching for what they like. For your business to grow, social media cannot be overlooked. Create and grow social media pages for your business and keep updating your audience with the latest content.

Need Expert Advice?

Brightstar Painters can help you begin your painting business o the right foot. They are professionals in this field for many years and have assisted many startups to grow.


Starting a painting business is not hard even with little experience. If you’re passionate and have made a decision that it is what you want to do, simple steps are enough to get you going.

How Can I Make My Online Business More Successful?

There are currently over 1.6 billion websites on the internet. While technology is rapidly developing, people are moving from the normal nine-to-five jobs and concentrating on building their own online businesses. Probably you already own an online business and are seeking to make it even more successful. Here are some tips to make your online business successful.

Organize your online assets

Your online assets include your business’ social media accounts, websites, and emails.

Optimize your website and social media accounts with relevant keywords to let people easily know what you are offering them. The proper organization just shows your level of professionalism and people can count on you.

Keep Customer Records

Most online businesses do not care about keeping customer records. Every online business is obliged to keep its customer records safely and have secure backups. Maintaining the safety of your customers is crucial for you to avoid unnecessary legal battles.

Know your competitor

Every serious business owner knows their competitor. It helps them keep a close eye on what they are doing and do even better than them.

Know why customers choose your services over theirs and aim to maintain or improve them.

Protect your brand’s reputation

Reputation takes a long time to build. But a slight mistake and it comes crumbling down in seconds. Taking it back will need extraordinary Herculean effort. Inspect every mention of your brand by anyone by setting up a google alert that notifies you.

If anyone is posting on behalf of your brand, let them know the guidelines and what they should not be posting for your brand.

Invest in the internet

There is no online business without the internet. And there is no successful online business with good internet. Invest in a good internet connection. A slow internet connection will make you miss important orders or fail to communicate with your customers and lose them.

Move with the trend

The online world keeps on changing every time. Monitor the trend on social media and update your business accordingly to make sure you are not left behind, even with technology.

It’s not just about selling. Serve.

If you focus on just selling, you will realize you are implementing selfish strategies that only cater to your needs and business. Forgetting that customers are the pillar of your business can push you out of the business. Serve your customers politely and what they need. Put their needs ahead of yours, and they will keep your business running.

Be Persistent

On very rare occasions do businesses succeed overnight. For the rest, which forms the majority, you will have to understand that it is a process that calls for patience. Persistence will pay off if you keep on doing the right things. Always stay consistent and keep the focus.

It is reported that most businesses take between three to five years before they begin turning into a profit.


You will not turn your online business into a success overnight. You will need strategy and persistence. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to establish your online presence and enjoy the end results.

Successful Home Business During Pandemic

At the start of 2020, we had no idea the impact the COVID-19 Pandemic would make on the economy. With the put in place social distancing rules and individuals turning to work remotely, the business sector has dramatically been affected. However, these new norms have also brought about new avenues for business people to explore and meet evolving consumer needs. Amid the pandemic or not, consumers will still have to use products or services. Therefore, the business sector will keep thriving.

Whether you are starting your business journey or are adapting to the current changes, here are the top successful home business ideas to consider during the pandemic.

Online Tutoring/Coaching Classes

Covid-19 pandemic has affected learners globally. The closure of learning institutions has left students confused. It means there is a greater need for online classes. Suppose you are a professional in the educational sector, set up your online courses. The majority of the parents are willing to pay up for the service.

Virtual classes do not only involve learners from institutions. If you are an expert in any field, you can consider turning to online courses and equipping people with the skill. The key is to convert your expertise to a home business opportunity.

The Freelance Sector

The pandemic is forcing individuals to work virtually. With a high population being laid off from their workplaces, the freelance sector has helped people keep earning from home. Professionals laid off from different firms are now turning to freelance as jobs. Freelancing platforms allow you to market your expertise and work at a low investment. Starting a freelance platform to capture talent or joining such platforms to offer services is a successful business to venture during the pandemic.

Affiliate Marketing/ Drop Shipper

Affiliate marketing is a profitable home business to venture into in the case of a pandemic or not. It is mainly for people with a high social media influence on social media sites. You can help drive traffic to an online selling site and also offer drop shipping services.

Virtual Assistants

Business executives have to work from home as a result of the pandemic. However, working from home could be tedious for such individuals. They have kids at home, and such an environment is not conducive to concentrating while working. Offering virtual assistance to these executives will be cost-effective for the executives. You can provide services such as; managing email accounts, making phone calls, and scheduling appointments.

Handcrafts Business

Are you a talented knitter, word maker, or any other handmade products? You can make showcase your handmade products online, and customers get to buy these products. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online, so you do not have to worry about setting a physical store for the products. Make items and sell them from home.


To survive amidst the pandemic, entrepreneurs need to come up with new business ideas. Individuals need to look into ways to offer services from home and still get to earn. The above business ideas have proven to be successful during the pandemic.